The Claw

Clark Harris is the founder and owner of Innovative Construction. Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Clark later moved with his family to Higham, MA. While growing up in Massachusetts, Clark was initially exposed to the construction industry by working on job sites in the summers and holidays while going to college.

Upon Graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in history /education, Clark moved south to Atlanta, GA. He continued his career in construction by working for a company that specialized in finishing and restoration. After working in this genre of construction for four years, Clark decided to start his own business that specialized in renovation and restoration. In 2000, Innovative Construction was established.

Innovative construction operates strictly on the following ideals:

» We treat our customers and subcontractors as we like to be treated

» We don’t pick and choose when to have morals

» We are only as good as our subcontractors

» All of our subcontractors are educated in remodeling NOT new construction

» We would not put a person in someone’s home that we would not put it our own

» We believe in making each job and customer experience the best it can be and let the business grow organically; we are not motivated by the bottom line.

» When you are a customer, you are a customer for life. We stand behind all our projects and guarantee the quality of work

» We grow our business through client relationships, not through advertising.

» We appreciate every job, whether it is a three hour job or a 5 month project.

» We stress cleanliness on our job sites

When not at work, Clark likes to be with his family playing sports, camping, fishing,and watching the Braves.

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