The Claw

Raymond L. Jackson was born in the small southern town of Valdosta, Ga. in 1961.

A vast amount of the core values, such as respect, religion, love and compassion to name a few were all provided through his eyes and learned as he watched his parents. But most of his characteristics and attributes that he is bringing to the ongoing development of First Image come directly from the 20 years of experience obtained while serving his country as an enlisted serviceman within the United States Army. Some of which has been entwined within the fabric of his everyday life.  Raymond likes to be the one that sets the example for maintaining a proficiency level that is above the standard. Throughout his encounters with others, he has established a reputation as an unusually dependable individual that has that natural drive to commit to quality.

Team cohesion and reliability is a key ingredient, for no company can accomplish their goals or any task without this concept being implemented from the top to the bottom. Being assertive and applying diplomacy have provided Raymond with being accustomed to interfacing daily with a variety of backgrounds and solving a wide range of customer problems. Raymond brings with him a keen sense of always paying attention to details and noticing those little things that others do not seem to think are important. And, of course, there is that little thing call pride. Because when you can lift your head up at the end of a hard day’s work, look back over your shoulder and can say that you are proud of your accomplishment for that day, it’s not such a little thing anymore and it makes getting up tomorrow to start all over again that much easier.

Since 2001, First Image Inc. has provided premier commercial cleaning services throughout Metro Atlanta. The goal and passion of the founder of First Image, Raymond Jackson, is to provide their clients a level of service unequaled in the cleaning industry. Through its fundamental shift from traditional janitorial services to providing 100% Green Cleaning services, First Image prides itself on the focus and commitment they employ at the unseen level, from the sparkling floors to the sanitized public spaces. First Image leverages the most advanced cleaning methods and equipment designed and proven, and uses the highest efficacy technology on the market today. When it comes to quality, attention to detail, value, and customer satisfaction, First Image knows it is what leads to loyal and sustaining clients, referrals, and repeat business.
First Image is committed to delivering a vast range of services that are both effective and environmentally unsurpassed, as well as uses materials and products that saves times and improves efficiency.

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