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Yes, Ma'am! Mammograms Are A Must® is a social enterprise that raises awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and helps to fund annual screenings for uninsured women. The sassy and southern pink T-shirt is drawing attention, and increasing numbers of mammography advocates — called Ma’ambassadors — are helping to move the momentum nationally. Sales of the tee donate 25% to nonprofit healthcare organizations or funds that provide mammograms for women who don’t have insurance.

Lee McCracken is a writer, editor, social entrepreneur and three-year breast cancer survivor. At 50, Lee says God turned her mess into a message, and she created and trademarked Yes, Ma'am! Mammograms Are A Must®. The social enterprise makes a sassy and southern statement about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. The pink T-shirt ( helps to fund annual screenings for uninsured women. The message is clear: “Get your squeeze on!” and be breast-aware to put a stop to late-stage cancer diagnosis. Lee welcomes advocates of early breast cancer detection, known as Ma’ambassadors, to join the campaign at and on Twitter at @YesMaamMammos.

Lee lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband of 29 years and also is a veteran writer and editor. Her book, “A Prayer and a Pink Pedicure,” which tells the story of self-discovery and spiritual preservation following loss, a cancer diagnosis and a crisis of faith, will be published in 2013. For more information on "A Prayer and a Pink Pedicure", check out this video:

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Deb Krier, “The SociaLight,” is passionate about working with professionals to show them how to use social media to promote themselves and their businesses.

Deb Krier is a Social Media adviser, professional speaker, and trainer. With nearly 20 years as a marketing and PR professional, she likes to help people learn how to use social networking in a way that helps expand their professional networks, create business, and get new clients. She hosts a weekly radio program on Mile Hi Radio that focuses on social media and is the founder of Wise Women Communications, a marketing and public relations firm.

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