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Stan Bril is the founder and CEO of MCG Loan, a private commercial lending firm with a focus on real estate funding and small business funding. He has over 10 years of experience in finance and real estate and since founding MCG Loan has funded over $250M in transactions.
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Klaus Obermeier is the CEO and President of Iotronics Corporation, an Atlanta-based company focused on applying Big Data methodologies to job search and recruiting. Previously, he co-founded Terratial Technologies, a mobile enterprise company for medical logistics applications. He sold his second start-up, SQLBench International, a load and performance testing company for $10 million after being in business for one year. He later raised $2.2M from an European investor for a VoIP start-up headquartered in Munich, Germany
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Becky Davis is a leadership and business transformation coach who focuses on helping small businesses stay up after they start up. She is a speaker, coach, trainer and author of six books. MVPWork is a coaching and consulting practice for small business owners. They help strengthen your CEO skills so that you don't spend all of your time working as an employee in your business. To learn more, visit
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Reverend Steven Marcus Shearod is the Senior Pastor of the Cathedral International Church, in Kennesaw Georgia. Pastor Shearod is a first generational spiritual son of Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr., the presiding Prelate of the Covenant Ecumenical Fellowship & Cathedral Assemblies. Over the past 25 years Bishop Hilliard, mentored, baptized, married, licensed, ordained, and apostolically installed Pastor Shearod. Rev, Shearod holds a BA in history from Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ. 

Pastor Shearod has worked in the financial Services industry for close to 30 years. He currently serves as a financial sales consultant for Allstate insurance company. His sales and management accomplishments are numerous and he holds several national and statewide professional licenses, designations and certifications. Pastor Shearod serves and leads several community based board of directors, coaches a variety of grade school, high school and community youth sports, and is a member of the Cobb County Police department’s Chaplain’s ministry. 

Pastor Shearod is a retired and heavily decorated US Army officer, with close to 20 years service to our country. He and his wife Velicia, (a proverbs 31 woman) live in Kennesaw, Georgia. They have 3 daughters (Tiffany, Nasia, Nia) and several grandchildren. Pastor Shearod loves God, loves HIS Word and loves HIS people. Many know him by this salutation..."I love you and you can't do nothing about it."

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Bob Holtz is the owner of DMAIC Consulting, a group of Lean Six Sigma Professionals who have achieved the Black Belt status in the Process Improvement discipline. The thrust of their focus is assisting small business owners with the daunting task of keeping their “eye on the ball” as they work to make their business fun, successful and profitable. Many business owners do not have efficient processes in place to optimize their skills and their employee skills. We assist in building a better business for them by keeping the focus on constant improvement. Bob's background has been in Process Improvement for the past 30 years always looking for a better way to improve processes. In many instances, through using Lean Six Sigma techniques he have saved these companies millions of dollars by making their businesses more efficient and profitable. He has always looked for the better mousetrap, but in the business world. He is Mr. Fix-it in business. The company's website, currently under construction is:
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