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Ed founded 12Cube, the creator of the FoundMoney app, in 2012 to give consumers a better way to save money. Based on his experiences and what he learned through hundreds of interviews with consumers is that the traditional ways to build savings--budgets, financial plans and cutting back--didn't work. 12Cube's first product, FoundMoney, is focused on helping users make conscious decisions about their spending enabling them to spend on what matters to them, while saving on what doesn't. Prior to founding 12Cube, Ed worked for an online personal finance portal, ran a real estate investment firm and was a consultant at Bain & Company. Ed holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a degree in economics from Duke University. His favorite way to save is skipping expensive weekend lunches and instead taking his kids for a picnic in the park.
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T. J. Gentle is the President & CEO of, a venture backed Internet retailer and pioneer of Design on Demand®.'s Design on Demand Platform empowers customers to design and customize furniture. Since becoming the CEO, has developed SmartProfile aPrescriptive Personalization application that uses proprietary technology to match furniture products to each customer’s unique profile and characteristics; launched SmartSpace, an innovative web application that empowers customers to see how customized furniture will look like in the context of their homes before ordering; and the Company has won numerous awards and industry recognition while experience a five fold increase in sales.
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Happy Hour Confections is a full-service, gourmet bakery specializing in goods infused with craft beers, wines, and spirits. Located in Roswell, our mission is to make sweets full of richness, without being overwhelmingly sugary, to be more pleasing to the adult palate. Our products are available at select craft beer markets throught the Atlanta area, as well as through special orders. Find us online at, on Facebook at HappyHourConfections, Twitter @HappyHourSweets, and Instagram @HappyHourConfections
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Tyler grew up with more energy and passion than most people knew how to handle. As a kid, his vitality was contagious and he freely spread his energy and optimism. Tyler continuously found ways to push his limits as far as he could, and he refused to take the "normal path" and sit on the sidelines of his own life. When he was a sophomore at The University of South Carolina, he started his own painting business with Young Entrepreneurs Across America. The year after that, he took on the role of mentoring five students, teaching them how to run their own successful businesses. It became apparent that helping others and showing them a different way to be "successful" was his passion. Giving others the energy and happiness to create their own path is one of his many gifts to world. After this, Tyler took a leap of faith and moved to Canada to intern under Jayson Gaignard (Founder of MastermindTalks). He helped to put on multiple conferences, events, and retreats. There he learned what made an exceptional conference that delivered the most value to all of its attendees from the best of the best. Tyler now speaks to and coaches students, businesses, and entrepreneurs across the country, teaching them the lessons he's learned on crushing conferences, expanding networks, and nurturing relationships. He is also a lifestyle coach and the founder of an amazing company that helps people get their first book on Kindle.
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Rob Bellenfant is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and investor specializing in IT, sales, marketing and talent development. Rob is currently the CEO of TechnologyAdvice, a Brentwood-based IT marketing company focused on helping IT buyers find the best fit for their specific needs. Rob has created dozens of businesses over the last two decades, starting with a door-to-door venture selling handmade crafts in his neighborhood at the age of seven. He hired his first employee at age eight, started his first technology-based company at age 12, and sold his first business from his dorm room as an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Tennessee. TechnologyAdvice was one of five new investments Rob made during his time at UT, but was the only one that survived. The company, which was formerly known as Thrive Marketing Group, has been completely bootstrapped and has enjoyed an average revenue growth of nearly 60% over the past eight years. Rob is also passionate about angel and real estate investing, personal finance, traveling and spending time with his lovely wife, son and daughter.
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