The Claw
Rob Bellenfant is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and investor specializing in IT, sales, marketing and talent development. Rob is currently the CEO of TechnologyAdvice, a Brentwood-based IT marketing company focused on helping IT buyers find the best fit for their specific needs. Rob has created dozens of businesses over the last two decades, starting with a door-to-door venture selling handmade crafts in his neighborhood at the age of seven. He hired his first employee at age eight, started his first technology-based company at age 12, and sold his first business from his dorm room as an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Tennessee. TechnologyAdvice was one of five new investments Rob made during his time at UT, but was the only one that survived. The company, which was formerly known as Thrive Marketing Group, has been completely bootstrapped and has enjoyed an average revenue growth of nearly 60% over the past eight years. Rob is also passionate about angel and real estate investing, personal finance, traveling and spending time with his lovely wife, son and daughter.
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