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Pursuing new leads is essential, but are you putting in the effort to retain your loyal customers?  Today on The Claw, Eric sits down with Liger's own Director of Client Success, Cynthia Hayes to discuss why retention and acquisition should both be apart of your marketing strategy.

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Is your copy so spooky it's scaring away potential customers? Today on The Claw, Eric is joined by Liger's Director of Content, Jackie Chism, to discuss how to draw people in with your words.

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Join Eric for this spooky Halloween episode of The Claw!  Today he's sitting down with fellow Ligers, Stella Huffman and Maddie Hayes to discuss the do's and don'ts of social media.

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On this episode of The Claw, Eric is LIVE at DIG SOUTH talking to Ernest Eich of Shandoka Electric Motorcycles.

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Today on The Claw, Eric is joined by Justin Newell. Justin is the COO of AI workforce management solution, Inform Software. On this episode, Justin discusses the digital shift in supply chain management, return on optimization (ROO), and why and how to incorporate your Marketing in decisions beyond sales and marketing. Listen in to learn about the AI projects Justin is working on with Delta and other logistic companies.

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How can advertisers move their buyers along the customer journey? Andrew Fischer of Choozle joins Eric on the podcast to discuss display advertising and how to optimize it in your marketing.

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Today on The Claw Podcast Eric is joined by Quinetha Frasier. Quinetha is a promoter, connector, and the Founder of of Southern Equity Collective. On this episode she talks about diversity equity and inclusion as it relates to your business and how to embed these concepts into your marketing.Listen in to learn what the most dangerous type of leader is.

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When you look ahead to the future, do you know what the strongest indicator of where we are headed as a culture is? It's not academia or Wall Street. It's not politics. Research has actually found politics is the LAST indicator. Turns out arts and entertainment is what leads and creates our culture. This week on The Claw Podcast, Bryan Coley, Chief Creative Officer of Reel Experiences, joins Eric to talk about how you can use Netflix to strategize your next move as business leaders and as as marketers.

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On this episode of The Claw, Eric is joined by Crispin Cruz. Crispin is a seasoned sales expert and the founder and CEO of Sales Arbiter.Sales and marketing are often listed together but really are not the same. Crispin joins the podcast today to talk about aligning your sales and marketing teams and the 7 parts of the sales process. Tune in and find out where you can support and augment your sales team.

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The office is coming back but will it ever be the same again? Today on The Claw, Chris Bisceglie, VP of Marketing at Atlanta Office Interiors, joins Eric to discuss upcoming office trends, why your office reflects your brand and impacts your bottom line, and how to create a space that tells your story. Listen in to hear how the Liger Lair was designed and then register for our Open House to come see the space in person:

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A few weeks ago Fela Smith joined The Claw to teach us that the biggest marketing mistake executives make when it comes to creating marketing messages is talking to the wrong audience. This week on The Claw, Jackie Chism, Lead Writer of Liger Partners joins Eric to teach you how to use persona data and research to write messages that convert. Listen in for one simple tip to transform the effectiveness of your copy.

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Are you  spending your marketing budget in the most effective and efficient way?  Often overlooked, research is such an important component when you are launching a product or creating messaging to promote your product or company. To have the right message that hits the right customer results in a much greater ROI from your marketing strategy.  Tune in to find out the marketing mistake most marketers make when they develop their marketing plans.

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Content marketing is an essential part of your strategy.  Tune in to this episode of The Claw to find out more!

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Local business owners are so busy in the day-to-day of their business operations that marketing is overlooked and often feels overwhelming. Yet marketing for small businesses has only become more important in 2021 to let customers know they exist. This week on The Claw Podcast, Courtney Psinas joins host Eric Holtzclaw to show us why marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming and it certainly doesn't need to be costly for small businesses. Listen in for tips you can implement today to attract customers and keep them coming through the doors. 

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On this week's episode of The Claw, Eric is joined by Founder of Consciously Funded, Lavonya Jones. Listen to this conversation as Lavonya gives listeners 3 tips to find investors who are invested in your company with more than just finances and tells why that is important.

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Today on The Claw, Eric is joined by Craig Slike, Director of Creative Services at Liger, to discuss the ROI of creativity. Today's discussion centers around how executives can navigate creative strategy for their companies when they may not have a creative bone in their body. Tune in to learn his tips and secrets to a successful campaign.
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Okay fine! Metrics do matter but not the metrics you are using. Learning where to look to determine where to spend your next marketing dollar is going to be key to a successful strategy. This week's episode focus is all about the marketing you ask for vs the marketing you need. Nobody wants to waste money, so listen in for your next marketing move.

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