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Insurance agencies are in constant competition with each other. Is your insurance agency leveraging its content writing to the best of its ability to stand out? Jackie Chism, director of content at Liger Partners, joins us on The Claw to chat about missed opportunities within insurance content writing.

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Why is it important to have social media in today’s climate? Today we’re welcoming new Liger Brejhe’ on The Claw to talk about why refusing to be present on social media can hurt your business.

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What two questions do you need to ask in your marketing interviews to find the people who will take your marketing to the next level? Today on The Claw, Eric is joined by Fletcher Wimbush, CEO of the Hire Talent to discuss all things hiring and how marketing impacts your hiring.

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool that everyone, especially business leaders, need to be utilizing. But what should you be posting on LinkedIn and what needs to be in your profile? Today on the show Liger's Social Media Manager, Stella Huffman is back to discuss all things LinkedIn!

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How do you stay ahead of the digital transformation? How does it affect your company and your company's marketing? And how does Salesforce fit into it all? Today on The Claw, Bryan da Frota, COO of ListEngage, joins Eric to discuss all things digital and how to get the most out of your Salesforce investment.
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Hiring for sales within your organization is one of the most difficult and important things leaders have to do. Today on the show Eric is joined by Business Leader, Sales and Leadership Expert, Executive Advisor, Speaker & Strategist, Jane Gentry to discuss building trust in your company's leadership and how to hire and retain top sales talent.

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It can be a challenge to keep up with your audience's changing behaviors, but it is certainly not impossible!  Today on the The Claw Eric is joined by Liger's Director of Client Success, Vanessa Martinez to discuss how you can better understand where your target market is and what they need.

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Are your sales and marketing teams working together to help you achieve your business goals?  Today on The Claw, Eric sits down with Todd Callen, VP of Sales at Acsellerate Sales Advisors to discuss the functions of each department and how they can compliment each other.

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The season of love is upon us, but is your brand sharing the love online? Liger’s Social Media Manager and holiday fanatic, Stella Huffman is in the studio with tips for how your brand can engage with customers and receive the love you deserve.

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This week on The Claw Podcast, Eric is joined by Jencap’s Kathryn Smith. As the Managing Director of Marketing, Kathryn has overseen more than 12 mergers, acquisitions, and rebrands in 2021. After rising to the 4th largest insurance wholesaler in the country in less than 6 years of existence, Jencap is a brand with a story to tell. Listen in as Kathryn discusses what it takes to unify a large group of specialized businesses all under one brand umbrella.

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One of the most important aspects of business is understanding who you are trying to reach. When trying to reach your audience, whether through advertising, campaigns, or surveys, it’s important to consider their perspectives and experiences. On this week’s episode, UX Researcher & Liger, Jojo Bowling is here to discuss what information you may be missing about your customers. From bias to focus groups to question types, JoJo and Eric cover all of the hot-button topics.Listen in to learn how you can understand and reach your audience.

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Aside from the day to day decisions that come with running a business, business owners must also think about the strategic planning that impacts the long term success of the company. One consideration they often overlook is succession planning.As a CEO, director, or manager, you should be replaceable in your organization. This week on The Claw Podcast Beth Miller of Executive Velocity joins Eric to discuss how your organization can plan for the future.Listen in for tips on how to foster development for your senior leaders to expand their roles and success.

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The holidays provide so many opportunities for your company to engage with your customers in a unique way. This week on The Claw Podcast, Liger's resident social media expert Stella Huffman is back in the studio to give you your holiday guide to social media so you can make your brand shine this season.Want to know how to finish 2021 strong and create momentum for the new year? Listen to Stella’s full interview here.

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Are you struggling to attract quality talent like many other companies in 2021? It's certainly an employee's market but that doesn't mean you need to get a ping pong table and have beer on tap to attract your desired candidates.  This week the OG of Opportunity Courtney Psinas joins The Claw Podcast to tell you how to actually attract your next new hire.  Listen in for Courtney's tip on what NOT to do when you are hiring.

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On our final Halloween edition of The Claw, Eric is joined by Liger's Video Production Manager, Ingrid Schmidt to discuss all of the deadly video mistakes that will kill your career and how to avoid them. #video #marketing #LigerPartners

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Pursuing new leads is essential, but are you putting in the effort to retain your loyal customers?  Today on The Claw, Eric sits down with Liger's own Director of Client Success, Cynthia Hayes to discuss why retention and acquisition should both be apart of your marketing strategy.

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Is your copy so spooky it's scaring away potential customers? Today on The Claw, Eric is joined by Liger's Director of Content, Jackie Chism, to discuss how to draw people in with your words.

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Join Eric for this spooky Halloween episode of The Claw!  Today he's sitting down with fellow Ligers, Stella Huffman and Maddie Hayes to discuss the do's and don'ts of social media.

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On this episode of The Claw, Eric is LIVE at DIG SOUTH talking to Ernest Eich of Shandoka Electric Motorcycles.

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Today on The Claw, Eric is joined by Justin Newell. Justin is the COO of AI workforce management solution, Inform Software. On this episode, Justin discusses the digital shift in supply chain management, return on optimization (ROO), and why and how to incorporate your Marketing in decisions beyond sales and marketing. Listen in to learn about the AI projects Justin is working on with Delta and other logistic companies.

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How can advertisers move their buyers along the customer journey? Andrew Fischer of Choozle joins Eric on the podcast to discuss display advertising and how to optimize it in your marketing.

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Today on The Claw Podcast Eric is joined by Quinetha Frasier. Quinetha is a promoter, connector, and the Founder of of Southern Equity Collective. On this episode she talks about diversity equity and inclusion as it relates to your business and how to embed these concepts into your marketing.Listen in to learn what the most dangerous type of leader is.

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When you look ahead to the future, do you know what the strongest indicator of where we are headed as a culture is? It's not academia or Wall Street. It's not politics. Research has actually found politics is the LAST indicator. Turns out arts and entertainment is what leads and creates our culture. This week on The Claw Podcast, Bryan Coley, Chief Creative Officer of Reel Experiences, joins Eric to talk about how you can use Netflix to strategize your next move as business leaders and as as marketers.

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On this episode of The Claw, Eric is joined by Crispin Cruz. Crispin is a seasoned sales expert and the founder and CEO of Sales Arbiter.Sales and marketing are often listed together but really are not the same. Crispin joins the podcast today to talk about aligning your sales and marketing teams and the 7 parts of the sales process. Tune in and find out where you can support and augment your sales team.

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The office is coming back but will it ever be the same again? Today on The Claw, Chris Bisceglie, VP of Marketing at Atlanta Office Interiors, joins Eric to discuss upcoming office trends, why your office reflects your brand and impacts your bottom line, and how to create a space that tells your story. Listen in to hear how the Liger Lair was designed and then register for our Open House to come see the space in person:

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A few weeks ago Fela Smith joined The Claw to teach us that the biggest marketing mistake executives make when it comes to creating marketing messages is talking to the wrong audience. This week on The Claw, Jackie Chism, Lead Writer of Liger Partners joins Eric to teach you how to use persona data and research to write messages that convert. Listen in for one simple tip to transform the effectiveness of your copy.

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Are you  spending your marketing budget in the most effective and efficient way?  Often overlooked, research is such an important component when you are launching a product or creating messaging to promote your product or company. To have the right message that hits the right customer results in a much greater ROI from your marketing strategy.  Tune in to find out the marketing mistake most marketers make when they develop their marketing plans.

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Content marketing is an essential part of your strategy.  Tune in to this episode of The Claw to find out more!

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Local business owners are so busy in the day-to-day of their business operations that marketing is overlooked and often feels overwhelming. Yet marketing for small businesses has only become more important in 2021 to let customers know they exist. This week on The Claw Podcast, Courtney Psinas joins host Eric Holtzclaw to show us why marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming and it certainly doesn't need to be costly for small businesses. Listen in for tips you can implement today to attract customers and keep them coming through the doors. 

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On this week's episode of The Claw, Eric is joined by Founder of Consciously Funded, Lavonya Jones. Listen to this conversation as Lavonya gives listeners 3 tips to find investors who are invested in your company with more than just finances and tells why that is important.

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Today on The Claw, Eric is joined by Craig Slike, Director of Creative Services at Liger, to discuss the ROI of creativity. Today's discussion centers around how executives can navigate creative strategy for their companies when they may not have a creative bone in their body. Tune in to learn his tips and secrets to a successful campaign.
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Okay fine! Metrics do matter but not the metrics you are using. Learning where to look to determine where to spend your next marketing dollar is going to be key to a successful strategy. This week's episode focus is all about the marketing you ask for vs the marketing you need. Nobody wants to waste money, so listen in for your next marketing move.

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"We may not have been the best startup that day, but we were the most prepared. They knew I didn't come to play." Ashlee Ammons joins Whitney on the podcast to share how she and her mom, fellow business partner, Kerry Schrader became two of the first black women to raise $1 million in a pitch competition for their company, Mixtroz.

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Kristin Andree, Chief Strategist with Andree Consulting Group, joins the Canned Heat podcast to share personal branding tips for women in business. Plus, we discuss the launch of her upcoming StrongHER Together Community Groups and how to push past the limits we set for ourselves.

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The right tactics, added together, create a successful strategy. On this edition of the Canned Heat Podcast, Mark McKenzie, co-owner (with his brothers!) of Docqmax Digital Printing joins Liger Partners Managing Partner, Whitney Mendoza to talk print marketing to accompany your trade show and other growth initiatives.

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On this episode of the #CannedHeat Podcast, Founder & CEO of DeVil-Tech, Edward DeVilliers, joins Liger Partners' Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw to talk about working with the government as a small business. #UnleashTheBeast

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Everyone is always told "You need to be on social media," but no one knows what they are supposed to do with it once they're on it. It turns out it's actually much simpler to create quality content than you might think. Liger Partners' Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw and Nunchuck Master (aka Managing Partner) Whitney Mendoza are back on this episode of Canned Heat to discuss creating content and being strategic with it.

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Nadine Mullings, Liger Partners Project Manager, joins Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw again to discuss operations: creating a plan and executing it.

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On this episode of the Canned Heat Podcast, Liger Partners' Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw and Nunchuck Master (aka Managing Partner) Whitney Mendoza sit down and discuss how to move fast when you're big. #UnleashTheBeast

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On this episode of Canned Heat, Nadine Mullings, Project Manager with Liger Partners, joins Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw, to discuss email marketing and how it's very much alive. #UnleashTheBeast

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Joining in on the fun, Cynthia Hayes, Public Relations Project Manager for Liger Partners, demonstrates her mad skills in earned media and public relations in her conversation with Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw. #UnleashTheBeast

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"All business is local in some aspect." - David Ciancio

On this episode of Canned Heat, Eric V. Holtzclaw sits down with SEO Wizard David "Rev" Ciancio as he shares his location based marketing and search engine optimization magic tips. #UnleashTheBeast

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Be a Task Master, Not a Task Asker. - Eric V. Holtzclaw

Co-Founder of LigerPartners and Nunchuck Master Whitney Mendoza joins me on the #CannedHeat Podcast to talk with me about building your team and having strong operations.

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Transformers: Catering to the Buyer Experience

The journey from awareness to purchase is changing. Customers want to experience your product for themselves on their own schedule, not just read about it on your website. Chief Revenue Officer of The Crucible Group Mike Ladd joins this edition of Canned Heat to share how Omedym makes it happen for their clients through video and understanding buyer intent.

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Insta Heat: Liger Partners' Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw and Nunchuck Master (aka Managing Partner) Whitney Mendoza dish on how hashtags, ads and social media exposure drum up more cheese for your quesadilla.

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Marketing and sales; separate parts working hand-in-hand. So how do you know when to hire a salesperson?

How do you track real ROI (not just vanity link clicks and calls)? Mike Ladd, Owner of The Crucible Group joins Liger Partners Dojo Master and Chief Strategist, Eric V. Holtzclaw to share his insights on this edition of the Canned Heat Podcast.

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Marcus Lemonis vs Gary Vaynerchuk: Liger Partners' Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw and Nunchuck Master (aka Managing Partner) Whitney Mendoza talk marketing influencers on tonight's podcast, diving into what makes them successful, how they approach marketing, business and more on the Canned Heat Podcast.

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On this episode of the Canned Heat Podcast, Liger Partners' Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw and Nunchuck Master (aka Managing Partner) Whitney Mendoza discuss how brands inspire us, how they utilize and strategize every single piece of content to get our attention. #UnleashTheBeast

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On this episode of Canned Heat, Liger Partners' Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw and Nunchuck Master (aka Managing Partner) Whitney Mendoza walk you through each step of a rebrand. We know a thing or two, because we've seen a thing or two!


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Are you ready to #UnleashTheBeast? On this episode of Canned Heat, Liger Partners' Doji Master (aka Chief Strategist) Eric Holtzclaw and Nunchuck Master (aka Managing Partner) Whitney Mendoza discuss when it's time to rebrand and all the various steps it requires.

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In today's world, we have services like Amazon that deliver food, clothes and other items direct to our doorstep. For Certified Nurse Midwife Carson Ragan, she asks, "why can't getting quality healthcare be the same way?" Thus, she started 2me Healthcare! On this edition of the #BYBB Podcast, she shares about their first branch of services under OB2me, providing concierge prenatal care to women in their home or office. Listen in to hear how Carson is on the move to disrupt the healthcare market!   
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Marketing is more than a tweet or a website! On this BYBB Podcast, Lucy Kairalla, CEO and Marketing Strategist of Plain Language Marketing dives deep into the many facets of marketing including metrics tracking, sales and her top automation platform picks.

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Steve Preda is Owner of EntrepCoach and a licensed implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. On this edition of the BYBB Podcast, he shares insights for becoming a better leader and scaling a business utilizing the EOS Process.
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"If we're gonna change the world, we need the chance to be heard and be known." Kim Carpenter, Founder of World Changing Women and Host of Stronger Together: A World Changing Women Event joins the BYBB Show to share how to build a powerful and purposeful business while growing and maintaining connection with your tribe. 

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Kristin Andree, Strategist and Founder of Andree Consulting Group joins me on this edition of the #BYBB Podcast to share insights for strategizing your own business success. We talk about how not every deal is a good deal, magnify vs rectify entrepreneurship, how to discover your strengths, finding the right advisor and more.  

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Not all translation services are created equal! TrueLanguage CEO Uli Dendy joins the podcast to share why you need to trust your professional documents and projects to certified translators. Maintaining the culture and accurate translations can spell success for growing your business abroad. 
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The age of the "silent" founder is over. Consumers want to know the "who" behind the brand. Deb Beroset, Moxie Creative and Consulting CEO and Influence Stylist, joins me on the podcast to share how "hidden gems" can become trusted, influential authorities and gain more visibility.

Direct download: EVH.10.08.18.Edited_audio.mp3
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From tech to food to consumer products, The Honeypot Company COO John Davidson joins me to discuss strategic selling tips and impact of the gigeconomy on marketing.

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Sean Flood created a way for people to get to where they needed to be, without having to purchase a car. He started Gotcha as a way to help improve people’s lives and help with all their mobility problems in a sustainable way. In this edition of the BYBB Podcast, he shares how he disrupted the market and successfully grew his business.

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Katie Mallett had worked both in the corporate world and nonprofit sector, but each job only left her feeling unfulfilled... like something was missing. In 2018, she founded Make + Do, a community platform designed to connect others around a common activity. In this episode, she shares how she took those steps to build her own business.  

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“The most successful company will be the one that invests in others.” Frank Cottle, Founder and CEO of the Alliance Group of Companies joins the podcast to talk customer relations, the gig economy and traits of successful entrepreneurs.

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Author and serial entrepreneur, Darrah Brustein returns to share about her upcoming virtual summit featuring 45 speakers (including Deepak Chopra, Kat Cole and Jen Sincero) and 20 hours of content. We discuss what inspired this event along with tips for work/life balance and following your own rules as an entrepreneur.


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"Practice makes perfect and the first thing to practice is your pitch.” Wise words from guest, Lori Manns, Speaker, Author and Business Strategist who believes if you understand the ins and outs of your product/service, the only question you’ll hear is, “Where do I sign?”. On this episode, she shares her top tips for building brand awareness and increasing your bottom line.

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As entrepreneurs, we like to do everything our way but that can cause some hangups when it comes to scaling your business. In this podcast, Kelly Azevedo, Founder of She’s Got Systems shares how to determine where you need to implement systems and first steps to getting more organized.

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The relationship between sales and marketing can get confusing. Call for Content Chief Interviewer and Strategist, Michael Greenberg joins the podcast to explain four key areas where B2B’s make mistakes when it comes to content marketing. We discuss helpful tips for your website, creating content, email marketing, increasing conversions and more.

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CBD is projected to be a billion dollar business. Therapeutic Treats is already building a brand for themselves in the space! On this edition of the podcast, co-founder Sam Uddin shares the challenges of being both in the CBD and food industries, planning to scale (without failing!) and creating awareness around a product many still consider controversial.

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We’re taking it back to basics on this edition of the #BYBB Podcast! Do you need a business partner? What’s an Operating Agreement? How do you win your first customers? We’re covering it all.

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As fabulous as the 80s hair band was, I’m talking with Matt Brill and Ryan Claterbaugh, Co-Founders of Mr. Mister Mosquito Control on this edition of the #BYBB Show! With a clear brand and abounding five-star reviews, Matt and Ryan share tips for getting a new business off the ground and establishing a strong customer base.

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From phone interviews to who makes the hiring decision, crafting an effective sales team is a challenge for most businesses. But it doesn’t stop there. The development process continues long after each selection is made. Here on the BYBB Podcast, Jane Gentry, Principal at Jane Gentry and Company, shares insights on what to look for and how to manage the best sales team.

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Speaker, Consultant and Author, Wendy Ellin credits much of her success to tried and true systems. In this podcast, Wendy walks us through some of the modules in her book and details steps we can take to declutter our e-clutter and be more productive.

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TrackMaven CEO, Allen Gannet believes marketing is both an art and a science. On this podcast, he joins me to discuss where the two points meet in his new book, THE CREATIVE CURVE. We dive into startup advice, big data, recruiting and the benefits of healthy conflict.

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Disrupt or be disrupted! John Buzzell, President of You Are Here joins me on this edition of the BYBB podcast with insights on how the changing world of tech can help your business grow and save you money! Take a “test drive” with AR/VR and listen in as John shares insights.

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Live from DIG SOUTH in Charleston, SC, I talk with RadTab Co-Founder and CMO, Nathan Adamson about the hardest part of your bar experience: closing the tab! Nathan shares their early startup struggles from getting into POS systems and gaining bar owner trust to tragically losing one of their co-founders.

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The Rule of 3 is essential when it comes to successfully growing and scaling your business. But how do you go about creating those processes in an effective way your entire team will follow? I talk with Brillar Media Co-Founder and Social Media Strategist, Whitney Mendoza as she shares lessons learned during their time of explosive growth.

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From Amazon to Freelance. Freee Up CMO, Connor Gillivan joins the podcast to talk bootstrapping a business in the crowded market of freelance servicing. How does Freee Up stand out from the rest and best manage client/freelancer relationships? Listen in as Connor shares insights!

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“We remove insurance from outpatient healthcare.” Will Hall, CEO of HIPnation joins the podcast to share how this startup is changing the healthcare industry. Take a listen to hear why this impacts physicians, individuals and your small business!

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When is it time for a pivot? How do you know? This week, we’re getting an update on from CEO, Michael Gargiulo. He shares why they purchased the domain (one of the largest domain transactions of 2017), current trends and how they plan to dominate the VPN market.

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It takes courage to build a business; it takes courage to stand up for what you believe in. And, it takes courage to shift everything you’ve learned and enter into a new market. Courageous and Sock Problems Founder, Ryan Berman has done it all and he shares how on this edition of the BYBB Show! We talk B2B vs B2C, designing products, following dreams and more.

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After she and her husband sold their previous company, Melissa Music decided it was time to open her dream bookshop (The Story Shop!). And while she understood the business side of things, Melissa had to learn the operational processes of running a bookstore. In this episode of the podcast, Melissa shares HER story, how she turns books into real life experiences for children and how she attracts visitors from all over the US.

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According to Business Ventures Corp/Profitability Revolution Paradigm, Founder and CEO Ruth King, business owners are just too trusting. After helping her clients through countless horror stories of lost money, she authored THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT CASH. On this edition of the #BYBB podcast, we’re discussing this ugly truth and how you as an owner can protect your profits!


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Believe it or not, being an entrepreneur wasn’t always the coolest! Even today, the road can be lonely; good team members can be hard to find and investments can be hard to get. On this edition of the podcast, I’m talking with entrepreneur and investor, Cade Joiner as he shares insights and quotes, inspiring you to keep forging ahead!

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While she didn’t previously have a background in design or product development, Allison Santini does have a marketing background which she put to good use for launching MyPhonePouch! The rest? She did herself (built her own prototype) or she found and connected with the right partners (all pouches are manufactured locally in Atlanta). On this episode of the podcast, Allison shares how she did it and what’s planned for the future!

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He’s started and exited 5 companies. Now, Edward Sullivan is Founder and CEO of Trust Exchange. In this episode of the podcast, we focus on product development, or as Edward calls it, customer development. After all, it’s the customer who will purchase and utilize your product! Edward shares how to keep checks and balances to make sure you’re building a product they will enjoy using.

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Nick Jordan doesn’t have a background in tech, but he does know how to talk value. In this edition of the BYBB podcast, Nick shares how he got into the tech space and became CEO of Smashing Boxes, a design and technology firm. We also talk growth strategies, client relationships and doing business in the South!

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For entrepreneur, Sam Staley, solving problems is just something he loves to do! Sam saw a need to digitize auctions for organizations looking to raise money and Bidr was born. In this podcast from The Harbor Entrepreneur Center in Charleston, South Carolina, Sam shares his story along with some insight for budding startups.

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Venues are looking for talent and musicians are searching for places to play, but connecting the two isn’t easy! CMO, Will Bragunier joins me at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center in Charleston, South Carolina to share about their startup, JYVE, the challenges of growing a business and taking over a market.

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“If you are a city government and care about being accessible to everyone, apps aren't going to cut it for you.” Bratton Riley, Co-Founder and CEO of Citibot joins me at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center in Charleston, South Carolina to share how their system better connects citizens to their local government via text message and social media messenger apps!  

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Deciphering ratings can be hard to do and still leaves you with so many options! Co-Founder and CEO, Andy Seavers joins me in Charleston, South Carolina at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center to share how their app, TASTE, curates a list of unbiased, local favorites. Restaurant reviews, social media and AI all come into play for this tech startup of The South!

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Some are afraid of failure, others are afraid of success. In this episode, I’m joined by Whitney Mendoza and Natalie Fitzgibbons of Brillar Media. We discuss four telltale signs you are sabotaging your own success and what to do before it impacts you and your business.

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Success, goodness… both have different definitions for different entrepreneurs. But Choose Goodness Founder, Tommy Breedlove says we can be happy and make money at the same time. On this week’s podcast, Tommy has tips for the stressed out business owner and shares his inspiring story to gear us up for dominating the new year!

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Got a team member who’s crushing their goals and want to promote them to team leader? Such a move takes more than reaching goals… it takes preparation and the right mindset! Amy Balog, Founder and Principal of ConnextionPoint joins me on the podcast to walk us through the difference of managing people vs leading them.

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The road of entrepreneurship can be quite lonely. But Stefanie Diaz, Founder of WOE (Women Only Entrepreneurs) understands the importance of support along the journey and built a community surrounding other female founders along the same path. In this podcast, I talk with Stefanie about her new, events-based venture, geared towards encouraging women and helping them to find and embrace new opportunities!

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Setting up an online shopping cart and attracting customers is more than link embeds. Flugel Consulting’s Gray Anderson joins me for the podcast in Charleston and covers some mistakes you could be making in your own e-commerce business. Along the way, we also talk about how Gray and business partner, Taylor took Flugel from side hustle to full time firm.


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In the third edition of our #BYBB in Charleston series, PowerHouse Tech Founder and CEO, Carolyn Finch joins Eric to discuss the diversity issue currently experienced in the tech space. Carolyn details a new type of pipeline, bringing in individuals from different backgrounds and experiences to create “rockstar developers” and lasting tech talent for local companies and how businesses can cultivate a culture of diversity in their own offices.

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Charleston. Atlanta. Nashville. These cities of the South are certainly no Silicon Valley 2.0” nor should they aspire to be. Each location, both North and South, offers different benefits depending on the startup. But one question Harbor Entrepreneur Center Founder, John Osborne says all startups need to answer is: Does the market care as much about your product or service as you do? During this live show from Charleston, South Carolina, Eric and John discuss the benefits of life in the South and what startups need to do to attract investors. 

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We’re kicking off our #BYBB Charleston series with Reverb Charleston Owner and Director, Ashley Bell! Listen as Ashley shares the inspiration behind opening her unique yoga studio along with the challenges she overcame to do so, including finding the perfect space, managing funding and more.  
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