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Laura Putnam is a mom first to her two girls, lovingly known as Sunshine 13 and Peanut 11.  Together with her maple syrup making husband, they live in the Hudson Valley in NY.

Founder of Finding Home - blog and interior decorating business, Laura scours the countryside hunting for vintage treasures to create her vintage meets traditional, with a little modern edge, style. Her blog is about the stories of the journey we are all on to feeling we belong, toward being our most true selves, and trying to make the place we live in, our homes, be where we feel most comfortable.  She has built a business that allows her to pursue her creative interests while still keeping family first - always seeking more and more to find a full sense of home.

Visit her website Finding Home Online

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A Los Angeles-native, Christine’s always had a passion for fashion, art and the finer things in life. Since the tender age of 16, she’s worked at various high-end department stores – learning the day-to-day of a retail business and ultimately putting herself through college at the University of Southern California where she received a B.F.A. in Art History.

Christine maintains Accessory Business 101, her private, online, monthly membership site.  Accessory Business 101 helps designers and inventors realize their dreams of having a thriving product-based business. By coaching new and established designers on the do’s and don’ts of the fashion world, Christine is able to help her clients have a thriving company which supports their passions and dreams.

For more information, check out and twitter @accessorybiz.

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Donald Dunn began Dun Construction in 1984, with a vision of charting his own path for success in an industry that was a natural fit for his love of being outdoors, and of transforming land.  28 years into his business, Donald works hard to find time to enjoy hunting, fishing, and spending time with family.  He is also a Master Cattleman and has a 120 acre farm in Alabama where he runs a cow-calf operation.  He has three children and lives with his wife and young son in Cumming, Georgia.

Dunn Construction began in 1984 as one entrepreneur, with one piece of equipment.  The company started out doing light grading work primarily for multi-family apartment developers and gradually expanded to include concrete structural work, larger and more complex sitework projects, retaining walls, demolition, and hard-scapes.  28 years later, the company resume boasts work on several major college campuses in Georgia such as Emory University, university of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, and Wesleyan College to name a few.  We also have earned a reputation for design-assistance in addition to the install of custom, high-end, hard-scapes for private clients.  At its peak, Dunn Construction employed well over 30 carpenters, equipment operators, concrete finishers and laborers.

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With a firm commitment to his faith, his wife, and five children, John Rogers strives to do the very best for every customer he comes in contact with.

After growing up in Montgomery, Alabama, John began his first career in the restaurant business. Working for TGI Friday's as a manager and Applebee's as a General Manager, he learned the skills necessary for managing multiple people and tasks at the same time. Directing upwards of one hundred combined employees, managers, and vendors, he learned the daunting task of managing people and leveraging their abilities to provide a consistent product for the customer while being mindful of the need for profitability.

John began his work in the construction field with a broom in hand, and he doesn't mind saying it was a bit humbling. As he transitioned from restaurants to construction, John worked for a commercial construction company that built restaurants. During his short time in their employment, he found that he had a natural gift for construction and that his experience in the restaurant business gave him a propensity for being sensitive to the customer's needs. This is very unique to the construction industry. John ventured out on his own with two weeks of work and a desire to provide a quality product in a timely manner as well as provide superior customer satisfaction. Thirteen years and over one thousand completed projects later, he continues to do it the same as in the beginning, only better. See pictures of his fabulous work at

Breathe new life into your home with a quality renovation from the design/build professionals at John Rogers Renovations, winner of four 2012 and 2011 NARI Atlanta Contractor of the Year awards.

Specializing in the North Atlanta area, John Rogers Renovations has an outstanding reputation for executing detailed craftsmanship, staying on budget and on schedule, maintaining a clean worksite, and managing your project to precision. By emphasizing constant and clear communications, John Rogers Renovations ensures the highest-quality results and gives you a fabulous remodeling experience.

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Clark Harris is the founder and owner of Innovative Construction. Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Clark later moved with his family to Higham, MA. While growing up in Massachusetts, Clark was initially exposed to the construction industry by working on job sites in the summers and holidays while going to college.

Upon Graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in history /education, Clark moved south to Atlanta, GA. He continued his career in construction by working for a company that specialized in finishing and restoration. After working in this genre of construction for four years, Clark decided to start his own business that specialized in renovation and restoration. In 2000, Innovative Construction was established.

Innovative construction operates strictly on the following ideals:

» We treat our customers and subcontractors as we like to be treated

» We don’t pick and choose when to have morals

» We are only as good as our subcontractors

» All of our subcontractors are educated in remodeling NOT new construction

» We would not put a person in someone’s home that we would not put it our own

» We believe in making each job and customer experience the best it can be and let the business grow organically; we are not motivated by the bottom line.

» When you are a customer, you are a customer for life. We stand behind all our projects and guarantee the quality of work

» We grow our business through client relationships, not through advertising.

» We appreciate every job, whether it is a three hour job or a 5 month project.

» We stress cleanliness on our job sites

When not at work, Clark likes to be with his family playing sports, camping, fishing,and watching the Braves.

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I believe with good design your personality shows through in your space, and it is inspiring and functional…I like to use pops of color, repurpose unique pieces and mix old with new to create and enhance character.  You should love where you live and have fun creating your space.

I have always loved art and wanted to be an artist since I was a little girl.  I attended the University of Georgia and worked in media and radio for years – doing design work on the side.  After my 2nd child was born, I decided to create my company and haven’t looked back since.  It has been amazing!

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Laurie Prentice is the owner of LINDEN In Woodstock GA.

LINDEN provides their community with the following: European Antiques, Wedding Design, Garden Design (container), Fairy Gardening and Interior Design work.

Laurie's background is in horticulture and her love of old joined with gardening, plantings and antiques to create Linden. She travels frequently to Europe, where she used to live, to rekindle and find inspiration.

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Carrie started Neatsmart after 15 years in the corporate world training on salesforce automation software, selling high end luxury goods, implementing and training compliance  software applications, and managing client relationships. I had been helping friends and family with organizing their homes for years but never thought I could do it for a living. Then one day, not too long ago, I had my epiphany: I was working from home and I had scheduled a lunch break from conference calls and client work to organize and set up my husband’s new office. I couldn’t wait to work on that project and knew then that I needed to pursue this passion full time.

Neatsmart helps busy people clear the clutter from their homes and closets so they can function more efficiently and love their surroundings. I help people by designing and implementing an organization system that works for them and their specific needs. This could be anywhere from your home office, closet, kids’ rooms and playrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, etc.

Pinterest: cmpeeples

Twitter: @neatsmartcmp

Facebook: neatsmartcmp

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Nicole Flint is an interior designer who put a career on hold to start and raise a family.

Still having a desire for a creative outlet, she used her love of lines and textiles to create a small custom upholstery business.

Besides creating chairs, Nicole is also a blogger and a retail shop owner.

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