The Claw (Politics)

Weston Wamp is a young man in a hurry. At twenty-three years old, Weston joined forces with transportation entrepreneurs in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to launch Lamp Post Group, a privately funded venture incubator aimed at investing in young talent and disruptive ideas. Simultaneously starting his own public relations firm, Weston was widely considered an emerging political star as he began guest appearances on a local PBS political show.

In the fall of 2011, then-twenty-four-year-old Weston announced his candidacy for the Tennessee congressional district.  Weston lost in a three-way race that became the most expensive primary in America in 2012, at a total cost of $2.5 million. But his message about America’s growing generational inequity and the urgent need for cooperation in Washington resonated. He defeated the incumbent in the district’s largest county and only metropolitan area. Like his generation, Weston is ready to make the tough decisions.

Listen as Weston talks about his journey through politics and involvement with Lamp Post Group.

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