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Are you  spending your marketing budget in the most effective and efficient way?  Often overlooked, research is such an important component when you are launching a product or creating messaging to promote your product or company. To have the right message that hits the right customer results in a much greater ROI from your marketing strategy.  Tune in to find out the marketing mistake most marketers make when they develop their marketing plans.

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Content marketing is an essential part of your strategy.  Tune in to this episode of The Claw to find out more!

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Local business owners are so busy in the day-to-day of their business operations that marketing is overlooked and often feels overwhelming. Yet marketing for small businesses has only become more important in 2021 to let customers know they exist. This week on The Claw Podcast, Courtney Psinas joins host Eric Holtzclaw to show us why marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming and it certainly doesn't need to be costly for small businesses. Listen in for tips you can implement today to attract customers and keep them coming through the doors. 

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