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When most audiences are multicultural today, there’s a need for translating your marketing communication into other languages. … and if you want to make sure you don’t offend or annoy your audience, Google translate can’t help you. In this episode of The Claw, Joe Goldstein, Resource Coordinator at TrueLanguage, shares common mistakes and misconceptions when it comes to translation, why businesses need localization and not just translation, and how you can approach the translation process successfully.

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Communication is the foundation of all relationships. We’re happy to have Liger’s managing partner Cynthia Hayes back on The Claw to chat. Listen in on Cynthia’s tips on how to communicate in the middle of mergers and acquisitions as well as communicating something new or different from a leadership perspective.

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Insurance agencies are in constant competition with each other. Is your insurance agency leveraging its content writing to the best of its ability to stand out? Jackie Chism, director of content at Liger Partners, joins us on The Claw to chat about missed opportunities within insurance content writing.

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Why is it important to have social media in today’s climate? Today we’re welcoming new Liger Brejhe’ on The Claw to talk about why refusing to be present on social media can hurt your business.

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What two questions do you need to ask in your marketing interviews to find the people who will take your marketing to the next level? Today on The Claw, Eric is joined by Fletcher Wimbush, CEO of the Hire Talent to discuss all things hiring and how marketing impacts your hiring.

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool that everyone, especially business leaders, need to be utilizing. But what should you be posting on LinkedIn and what needs to be in your profile? Today on the show Liger's Social Media Manager, Stella Huffman is back to discuss all things LinkedIn!

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How do you stay ahead of the digital transformation? How does it affect your company and your company's marketing? And how does Salesforce fit into it all? Today on The Claw, Bryan da Frota, COO of ListEngage, joins Eric to discuss all things digital and how to get the most out of your Salesforce investment.
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Hiring for sales within your organization is one of the most difficult and important things leaders have to do. Today on the show Eric is joined by Business Leader, Sales and Leadership Expert, Executive Advisor, Speaker & Strategist, Jane Gentry to discuss building trust in your company's leadership and how to hire and retain top sales talent.

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It can be a challenge to keep up with your audience's changing behaviors, but it is certainly not impossible!  Today on the The Claw Eric is joined by Liger's Director of Client Success, Vanessa Martinez to discuss how you can better understand where your target market is and what they need.

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Are your sales and marketing teams working together to help you achieve your business goals?  Today on The Claw, Eric sits down with Todd Callen, VP of Sales at Acsellerate Sales Advisors to discuss the functions of each department and how they can compliment each other.

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The season of love is upon us, but is your brand sharing the love online? Liger’s Social Media Manager and holiday fanatic, Stella Huffman is in the studio with tips for how your brand can engage with customers and receive the love you deserve.

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