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Reverend Miller B. Murphy is the Director of Communications at Connie Maxwell Children's Home.

Children have a safe, secure, loving environment at Connie Maxwell.  It is a home for some children who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected and some who have been placed by loving caregivers going through difficult situations. In addition to the main campus in Greenwood, Connie Maxwell Children's Home provides residential care and family support through satellite locations in Chesterfield, Mauldin, Orangeburg and Florence.

Each year more than 200 children of diverse needs and backgrounds call Connie Maxwell home. Some children stay as little as a few months, others for many years. Some arrive alone, others with siblings. Most are between the ages of six and eighteen. Children who remain through high school graduation receive financial support for college. The Connie Maxwell Children's Home Family Care Program exists to restore families with hope, comfort. and shelter while they locate the resources they need to move toward successful independent living.

Relief and assistance are provided to single-parents from all walks of life so each family can focus on resolving their individual crisis and temporary instability. While the parent works toward setting goals with the guidance of dedicated and supportive staff; she lives in a comfortable residential setting with her children.

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Heidi Allstop is the founder of, a confidential place for young adults to “spill” about life get advice from peers. A psychology graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison and a former crisis counselor, Allstop felt the urge to start Spill while struggling with her own feelings of isolation in college. She expanded Spill to 150 college campuses in 15 countries, winning global awards for the number of potential suicides prevented in the college setting. Outside of Spill, Allstop enjoys writing, cooking, and helping other entrepreneurs.
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