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We invited Lupa and was later joined by her daughter Claire, to talk about Lupa’s incredible journey, culminating to her organic and life-saving products on the shelves of over 20 Whole Foods stores in Georgia. Listen in as Lupa shares her inspiring experiences, working out of Progressive Medical as a lifestyle consultant and a natural food chef for cancer patients, as well the lessons she during that time. Don’t miss this informative episode that might just save your life.

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Tana is the author of the Graduate's Guide to Money, a book devoted to helping people understand the basics of money and money management. The material laid out in that book is everything Tana wishes she had known about money when she got out of college.

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On this episode, Anna talks about following her passion and getting into the fashion industry to help people look their best and reflect who they really are and what they consider important. Listen in to find out how she was able to build her image consulting business and how you can follow in her footsteps and break into that unique market. Don't miss this fun  and informative episode as well as Anna's tips for aspiring image consultants.

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Jeff joins us to share his journey of building Moonlighting into a company, from coming up with the idea for the on-demand-workforce app all the way to getting funded and becoming a highly successful business. Listen in as he imparts some game-changing advice that is sure to help you build a successful company and a better you!

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We invited Geoff to talk about his incredible journey of founding and growing 352 into a highly successful business. Tune in to hear Geoff's his innovative ideas for expanding his company and creating a unique culture of success as well as sound advice that can  help you turn your business into a thriving enterprise

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Myra McElhaney is a writer and speaker who helps people to "Enjoy Life and Do Good" by working with purpose, living with passion and making a difference.

With over 20 years’ experience in keynotes, corporate training and writing, she is author of "Mama Always Says…" and "Musings on Major and Minor Matters that May or May not Matter" and co-author of "The Sun Sisters Guide to the Girlfriends Perfect Beach Vacation and CLIMB: Leading Women in Technology Share Their Journeys to Success.

A popular speaker for companies, associations and conferences, Myra is often asked to do keynote or breakout sessions on topics related to workplace relationships or topics specific to women. You can find information about her blogs and speaking topics at

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Mark Peterson is the owner and founder of Paraline, a Veteran Owned Small Business in Atlanta, Georgia.

Paraline is a facilitator of opportunity. They partner with their clients to empower them during
the design process helping them unlock their creative potential while crafting a design
which best represents their organization's brand identity.

Mr. Peterson is a Registered Architect with more than nine years of experience working
closely with governmental, commercial and non-profit clients on a diverse range of
sustainable projects. Before graduating from Auburn University's School of Architecture
with honors Mr. Peterson served six years in the US Air Force.

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Brian talked to The "Better You" Project about starting his own faith based electrical company, B & R Electrical Services and the life-altering events that led up to that, including 12 years with an Atlanta based company, being electrocuted, and his recovery. Prior to the accident, he felt as though he had reached his full potential and wondered if he even had a continued future with that company.

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The Better You Project highlights Brian Holley...

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